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Staytonville Cemetery

The Staytonville community came together in 2006 and 2007, under the leadership of local avocational archaeologist Kent Slavin and Janet Wilkins of the Jonathan Caldwell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, to restore its community cemetery, unused for more than a half century. GAC and Scott Lawrence of Grave Concerns assisted the community group with documenting, mapping, and repairing monuments in the Spring of 2007. Local volunteers had already cleared the dense brush and dying trees, and removed the household trash that had accumulated on the lot off Greenwood Road, south of Milford, Delaware. While the markers were in generally good condition, a number had been broken by falling tree limbs and illicit automobile traffic. A thin layer of sand and vegetation covered the brick foundation of the church, which Kent Slavin exposed for mapping.


Nathaniel Hays, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, established a cemetery for his family on the site in 1805. The family conveyed the one-acre parcel to the Methodist church in 1841. The congregation built a church and buried its dead around the churchyard, apart from the Hays burials which were in the northwest corner of the lot.

Churchyard map .

The newly restored cemetery stands as tribute to those who built and molded the community, and to those who continue to do so.

Undated photograph of Staytonville Methodist Church, previously known as the Tea Town, then Lebanon Methodist Episcopal Church.


Cemetery view.


Surviving inscription data appear below, the numbers corresponding to the markers on the map above.

Burial Honorific First Name Middle Last Name Birth Death Age Spouse Father Mother Inscription
11 Mary A. Webb c.1817 11/15/1897 80 Mary thou art gone to rest, and this shall be our prayer,that when we reach our journey's end, Thy glory we may share.
12 Ann R. Holston c.1824 3/11/1905 81 William Holston At rest
13 John Pardee 6/23/1903
14 Charlotte W. Pardee 6/4/1897
15 D. W. Pardee c.1857 6/28/1884 27 In memory of…
16 Charlie Pardee 9/13/1889
17 Mary E. Pardee 5/19/1919
18 Franklin G. Coates 1/3/1865 2/15/1894 29
18 Mary Cliftin Coates 4/5/1841 9/15/1935 94
18 Sallie M. Coates 12/18/1872 8/22/1884 6
18 Captain Thomas Coates c.1830 8/13/1897 67
18 Thomas Coates 5/27/1862 9/29/1894 32
21 Virginia Webb 12/28/1860 12/13/1927 67
22 William B. Webb 12/8/1830 12/17/1920 90 25
23 James T. Webb 9/20/1866 7/8/1894 28 22 25
24 Isaac C. Webb 11/13/1854 10/28/1892 38 22 25
25 Rhoda A. Webb 7/26/1829 8/29/1886 59 22
26 Mark H. Webb 12/29/1863 8/6/1886 23 22 25
29 John H. Bailey Co. H, S. Del. Inf.
30 Ermina Johnson 8/4/1881 11/16/1884 3 William Wilmina The fairest flower we fondly love. How soon it fades and dies. But purer it will bloom above in bowers of Paradise.
34 Jonathan H. Hatfield 6/27/1889 7/22/1890 1 Jonathan Ida M. We weep not for the loved one so rudely from thee driven. I was but a flower, too good for earth. I was planted into heaven.
38 Mark Clifton 3/7/1872 1/16/1877 5
39 Garrett W. Clifton 8/3/1828 1/25/1909 81 Christ is my hope
40 John W. Clifton c.1793 8/16/1875 82 In memory of…Departed this life…Our father is not dead but sleeps in Jesus.
42 Milly Macklin 12/28/1858
43 Susan Hays c.1867 7/26/1805 38 Purnel In memory of…Departed this life…
44 Rachel Hays 6/17/1821 <1 Richard Rachel In memory of…Departed this life…
48 David Johnson 7/8/1818 4/29/1888 70
49 Rachel Stayton 10/9/1781 6/15/1807 26 50 In memory of…Departed this life…
50 James B. Stayton 10/30/1775 5/2/1831 56 In memory of…Departed this life…
51 Andrew J. Stayton Behold all ye…As you are now so was I. As I am so you will be. Prepare for death and follow me.
52 Esq. Nathaniel Hays 5/28/1810 44

Download the Inscription Data here